Where is the language code setting?

I am reading that the setting is in project settings, under the advanced settings in Custom Code, but I am not seeing it. Am I in the wrong section? If so, where is it? If not, then how do I set the site’s language code to EN?

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Hi @Laurel_Walker-Natale language setting is on Global tab on bottom.

I just add link to one article that you may find useful :wink: but you can search for other sources about this topic

What is the “content-language” Meta Tag?

The “content-language” tag is a meta tag in the <head> of an HTML document that states the language and country of that a page’s content is most relevant for.

@Stan - thanks for replying!

I actually found it in the General tab under Localization!

hi @Laurel_Walker-Natale I don’t know why I have called Global instead General :upside_down_face: but you got an idea from this I hope as both have identical meaning.

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