[META] Existing Forum Feature - "Webflow Enthusiast" Trust Level

My Observations

We have a lovely Community Trust Level called Webflow Enthusiast. Being granted it gives you a few privileges such as being able to rename and re-categorise topics, as well as a shiny Title to display.

Some time ago, I noticed that I seemed to lose this Trust Level, for no apparent reason. With the help of @RileyJones, we managed to work out that one of the requirements for Trust Level 3 is logging in consistently for 10 days.

EDIT: This blurred portion was incorrect as pointed out in the response from one of the Webflow Staff below, I’ve purely left it in for the sake of transparency and context: Does this mean that a brand new user can log in 10 days in a row, and suddenly they gain the power to rename people’s topics? (I appreciate there may be other requirements that I am unaware of, such as minimum number of Likes/Replies/Topics or minimum account age).

What is particularly frustrating is the fact that this Title is lost if you are unable to log in consistently for a short period of time. For users that perhaps have to work long shifts, or work away from home, this makes it impossible to maintain. I have a 7-day run of 12 hour shifts coming up - I won’t have the time to log in to the Forum during this period and will doubtless lose Webflow Enthusiast (again :frowning:).

My Suggestion

Why not make the Trust Level / Title of Webflow Enthusiast slightly harder to achieve (if it isn’t already, and I’m simply unaware of requirements besides 10 days of logging in), but make it permanent once achieved (unless manually revoked by a moderator)? Perhaps a 6 month minimum account age, a minimum number of Likes received / Solutions posted, etc?

EDIT: Again, I was incorrect with this assumption: If I bore this community malice, surely I could open a new anonymous account behind a VPN, log in for 10 days, and then over the course of an hour or two before it’s picked up by moderators, wreak merry havoc by renaming and re-categorising as many topics as possible?

I’m pretty sure that it takes a lot more than logging in for 10 consecutive days to become a moderator here. I’m actually a Webflow Enthusiast and we don’t have the power to edit posts titles and categories

@Jeandcc Absolutely, I am unaware of the other requirements however, as the 10-day login was the only parameter that was told about by Riley (I have absolutely no objection to being proven wrong!).

Unless this Trust Level is simply bugged for me - have you ever lost yours after a period of not logging in? Case in point, I set Webflow Enthusiast as my Title earlier today, and it’s disappeared again. However I still have it available, and it still shows that this is my Trust Level on my profile.


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Wait, you don’t have the ability to edit posts or categories? Then why do I? Here’s the option I have on your latest topic, for example:

Precisely, I DON’T HAVE THE ABILITY to edit posts or anything. This badge is rather “useless” to me when talking about perks and functionalities. No option whatsoever to change the title of your post for example:

Ok so this is weird.

Go onto my profile, and you’ll see that my Trust Level is “Webflow Enthusiast”, which equates to Trust Level 3 (I would assume that this is what grants the “mini mod” privileges.

However, on your profile, your Trust Level is “Member”. Yet you obviously have the “Webflow Enthusiast” Title.

I’ve just re-set Webflow Enthusiast as my Title again, I can guarantee that by the end of the day it will no longer be visible on my posts.

Super weird.

P.S I hope none of this comes across as some sort of weird competition or one-upmanship, just trying to understand the differences between our profiles.

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I totally understand you Andy. This is indeed a weird thing. I’ll be watching closely this topic if someone from Webflow comes here to clarify some stuff

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I appreciate your input buddy, it’s been super helpful as it seems to have shown that there is a disconnect between the Title and the Trust Level! Still no idea what causes the bug of “missing Title” though :sweat_smile:

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Hi Andy,

Trust levels are predetermined through functionalities of Discourse forums. The rate of logging in is only one factor of the enthusiast badge. Badges and trust levels tend to be a mixture of different levels of activity that are calculated (I’m also not entirely sure how Discourse does it), but regardless, rest assured, someone who just joined the forums would not be able to gain special privileges in the forums.

Please let me know if you have other questions.

Hey @Afshan

Thanks for such a quick response, and apologies for being under the wrong impression regarding the requirements for the Trust Level. I’ll edit my original post now so that nobody viewing this topic in the future gets the wrong impression.

May I still recommend, however, that it (Trust Level / Title / both?) are retained rather than being reset when a user is unable to log on regularly? Much as I’m sure moderation powers wouldn’t be removed from a Mod for not being able to log on for a day or two, it strikes me as weird that the “mini-mod” powers associated with Trust Level 3 would disappear if I don’t log in for a couple of days.

From a Discourse forum that I’ve just set up for a small charity (hence the absurdly large numbers, promotion to TL3 will be manual as it’ll be for just a couple of charity staff moderators) I can see these two settings, I would presume that this is what the Webflow forum has set to automatically bump users up/down?

Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback. I will take a look into these settings!

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