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I feel we need to have a 'pro' section on the forums

Title kind of self-explanatory I’m hoping. But the question difficulty / quality is all over the place and that seems to drive away people that know what they are doing. Because there’s not a whole lot to read or discuss here once you pass the basics.

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Interesting idea. There is mention of a private lounge when you receive the “Webflow Enthusiast” title, specifically highlighted in the badge you get granted:



This badge is apparently granted to anyone that logs in for 10 consecutive days, and you lose it if you don’t keep logging in. This seems slightly odd to me - I would have though that this kind of badge would be granted to a longer-term user (say 6+ months or even 1+ year). I also have never seen this private lounge that it mentions, but maybe that’s because every time I get granted the Enthusiast title, I lose it a day or two later when I forget to log in!

I’m currently talking to Riley from the Support team about it - it just seems really odd.

Wouldn’t the same be achieved easier by actually having a dedicated section for newcomers (“Novice” or however you name it)? One single place may be easier for them, not getting distracted by the variety of topics discussed by seasoned users.

Solid point. It’s just, and I think many people feel this way, when I visit the webflow subreddit it’s pretty dead and here the forum is well alive, but the beginner questions really flood the forum so when I come here hoping to read something interesting, I almost always end up helping beginners. And don’t get me wrong, I love doing that, but not ONLY that.

@Ozone indeed - I love helping, but sometimes I do want to come on and not read 10 posts asking why their site isn’t displaying correctly on mobile. I absolutely acknowledge that everyone starts somewhere, but sleuthing through posts to find interesting content is not what I’m in the mood for all of the time.

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I’d also suggest that bug reports entirely go to a different, dedicated platform (details here: The Wishlist needs improvements).