What's your Webflow Member Level?

There is little known about the “Level” other than this …

The “Level” is a formula that indicates how active the user has been in Webflow.

So let us - the Webflow Members or Users - reverse engineer the formula rather than waiting for Webflow to tell us.

I have people on my team ranging from 0 to 253 (maybe it is one byte in size making the maximum 255 counting zero). I know that zero means no activity. Also, one of our members has used Webflow for only two weeks on most days and he has scored a 23. I have others on my team who have been using Webflow for about 9-24 months and their scores are similar being 108 and 118 respectively. Then our highest member has a score of 253 who has been using it for about three years.

So tell me your score, if you are an ‘Expert’, how many projects you’ve done, how many years you’ve been using Webflow and when was the last time you seriously used Webflow. This should give us an idea if the score goes down with lack of recent use of Webflow (ie weighted more heavily with recent use).

I also wonder if using just the Settings or Editor of a project will increase the number. Maybe only the Designer is used in the calculation. Any thoughts welcome!

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