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Updates to the Webflow Forum

Hi everyone, thank you for being part of the Webflow Community!

We’re giving the Webflow Forum a few small updates to make it better, easier to use, and more useful for finding answers. Check out what’s new.

New categories and organization for increased visibility

What’s new

There is a new Community Resources category with subcategories for all-things community building and Webflow updates-related (ie: upcoming events, Webflow community-created tutorial, community job board, etc). We’ve also added categories for Design Help and Publishing Help for technical help with custom code, layouts, CMS, and everything in between.

How does this affect me?

You will now be able to better find community and technical help. There are forums for design and publishing help as well as forums for all things community interaction-related (looking for Webflow events, freelance gigs, random chit-chat, etc).

Streamlined way to log into the forum

What’s new

Starting September 21, login authentication via Twitter and Facebook will no longer be supported. We want to protect our community members’ information and streamline how members interact on this platform, so we’re removing the option to login with a social media account.

How does this affect me?

If you previously signed in through Twitter or Facebook, you can simply add a password to your existing account by clicking “forgot password” when you login. You will not lose any of your forum data or activity. An email was sent to the email address associated with your Twitter or Facebook account to make it an easy and seamless process for you. We recommend you make this change in advance of September 21 (after which point you will no longer be able to log in with your Twitter or Facebook account), and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

New community trust levels

What’s new

We changed the name of Trust Level 3: Webflow Enthusiast to Webflow Specialist. This is more in-line with the name of the other trust levels.

Level 0: New Member— you’re just starting out in the forum and you may just be reading, or maybe have made less than 5 posts

Level 1: Community Member— you’ve played around in the site and have asked more than 5 questions

Level 2: Community Contributor— you not only ask questions, you also respond to questions and have been around for at least a month

Level 3: Community Specialist— you’re starting to get recognized as someone who is helpful and really knows Webflow. People look forward to reading your posts and you’ve been around longer than a month and have posted more than 50 times

Level 4: Community Leader— you’ve stood out as a leader in the community and have been moved into a position as a community leader. You can moderate in the forum, and community members look to you for guidance and support. Thanks for caring so much about the community!

How does this affect me?

Every trust level marks an increased level of engagement from community members. This small update allows members (like you!) to build up towards becoming a Webflow Community Leader. This change means that you can moderate in this community, be recognized as a leader, and receive perks from Webflow for caring so much.

Apply to be a Webflow Forum Moderator. You must be at least a Trust Level 3: Community Specialist to apply. Moderators receive exclusive access to the Webflow team, a free pro plan as long as they are active, and more. If you’re not interested in being a leader but would like to refer someone else, please send a DM to @webflowcommunityteam.

Increased permissions for forum moderators

What’s new

We increased the admin permissions for Community Leaders. Now they’re able to take action on spam posts. You will see them listed as community leaders and they receive a community leader badge in the forum.

How does this affect me?

We hope this will lead to a decrease of spam and an increase in content organization and engagement.

Friendly reminder that our Support Team does not offer account-specific or bug-specific support in the forum. If you have any questions for the Support Team about known bugs or issues with your account, please contact them directly.

What changes would you like to see next? If you have any questions or feedback, please add them below and tag @webflowcommunityteam.