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Menu visible on scroll up

Hi WebFlow Form,
Wondering if anyone has any idea how to easily create a menu that would appear when you scroll up. So imagine this, page loads, you scroll up and the main content of the page scrolls down and reveals the menu. I’ve done this with the footer where I fixed a div at the bottom of the page and then gave the last element on the page a bottom margin that was the same height as the fixed div so that as you scroll up the footer is revealed… This probably makes no sense… visit and scroll to the bottom. There’s the Napa Valley Balloons footer and then as you continue to scroll down it reveals the Balloon Pacific footer. I want to create this same effect except upside down but I don’t want the menu to be visible until you scroll up and then it reveals just like the footer does in the Napa Valley Balloons example. Thanks!!

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This should help but the UI in the video is older. I hope this helps anyway.

Oh boy… Thanks Dave. I guess I was way over thinking this. I think I was trying to accomplish it without having to create an interaction and that was my problem. As soon as I tried using an interaction to make it happing, I got it working. Thanks for your reply!