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Menu not above other elements

You can see my problem from this image. Clicking the square mini menu box drops the nav menu down but it’s behind other elements. Even set Z to 10,000. What gives???

When you set z-index, try to set them for SIBLINGS elements and as high as you can.

For instance, select your whol navbar element (navigation section), the one just behind the symbol, give z index of 2. Select the section underneath, the whole section (fixture…) sibling to the navbar element, give it z index of 2.000.000, no I’m kidding :wink: just give it z index of 2. And then it works.

Thanks Vincent. Seems ok now.

Can you take a look at phone portrait mode and see what happens to the square nav box when clicked?

It seems to be jumping down on my end and not sure why.

Thanks again.

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