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What to do when a div with "Z index 10" transitions into another "Z index 10" div?

Before I get to far into my CMS menu, I’m having an issue with the text getting cut off in my div, because it’s dropping down right over the menu items below. Is there a work around for this? Or a simple button I’m neglecting to click?

Let’s start clean.

  • Remove all the z-indexes (the fix will work even with them but as they’re not needed…)
  • Remove the position attribute for the Dynamic item menu

And now it works as you expected it I guess.

Hmm… interesting website :wink:

That worked, thank you. When I use Webflow, every button get’s pressed and it doesn’t always turn out good. Do you see any glaring problems with the site? I’m always looking for feedback. (desktop only, I haven’t started with mobile and tablet…)

Oh and as for the content. It’s a very hot item right now here in central California. There are lot’s of farmers that are trying to look good and go legit, so I’ve been helping with branding.

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