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Menu close interaction when clicking menu link doesn't reset state of the open menu button


I have my navlinks set to link to sections of the page, this way I can use the active link to change the font color of the current section. But then the state of the menu button is not reset, which leads to that the user needs to click an additional time to open the menu again after the menu closes.
I solved that part by instead of linking to a section to link to a url which refreshes the page when clicking. But then the “active section” don’t work and I lose the styling.

Any recommendations of how to solve this?

Note: The 2 first links are set to link to sections while the others are set to link to url which refreshes the page.

I created a video here to show more clear what I mean:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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If anyone else have a similiar problem, it can be solved with JS.
Just add a click event to the button you want to target from the secondary link / button.