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Mobile Menu Button Animation + Link Text disappearing

Hey all,

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I’m blending some elements together to build my site and have added a button menu to remain at the bottom of the screen while scrolling (this will eventually will only be for mobile view). I’ve also assigned the menu item links to each section. There are two problems I’m having:

  1. After selecting a menu item, the menu close animation begins, but a second animation -the x-button going away and the menu appearing… doesn’t appear. Therefore the X icon icon remains after the menu closes. I’ve been trying to trigger the animation based off the class being clicked but having no luck…

  2. Second issue - When the menu is open and an item is selected, that particular item goes disappears. It doesn’t seem to be a Hover/Clicked state, because after multiple items have been selected, the entire list seems to have disappeared.

Anyway, I’ve added the link to my document should anyway have interest in helping.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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