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Close menu interaction not working when clicking menu links


I’ve created a full page menu that has three links out of which the first and third link to a section on the same page. I’ve created an interaction (Click // Close nav) where clicking on the first and third link will close the full page menu and revert the position of menu (“close”-text → “menu”- text).

The interaction works apart from reverting the menu text to its original form even though the same interaction works as expected when clicking on the menu button the second time.

I’ve tried creating second interaction that only affect the menu texts (menu → close, close → menu) but it still does not work.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Matias Hokkanen

What should happen when clicking on the menu links:

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Copy of Matias's Stupendous Project

direct link: hero-3


I have the same issue

I create a interaction open & close the menu (tablet view) to apply a icon (burger menu).
If i click in a link menu, the interaction close the menu and make scroll to the section.

The issue is that the 2th click in icon (close menu), isn’t working