Multiple clicks required to reset menu

So I have been working on my sites menu, and for the most part I have it working across my site as intended, with 1 flaw I cant seem to fix. When opening and closing the menu with the menu Icon it works perfectly, but within my menu is my page nav. When you click a page nav link it closes the menu and takes you where you want to go, but the interaction is left with an empty state. By this i mean you have to click once to clear the out state and then you can proceed to reopen the menu.

Is there something in the way I have built it that is causing this issue, or else does someone know what I might to to resolve the problem?

Here is my public share link: LINK

At this point the framework for my site is completed and I’m moving onto styling it at this point. Everything’s working fine minus my menu button issue.

If no ones sure how to solve my issue based on what I have, could you instead show me a way of building a menu with similar features that works?