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Hey folks. I have a client who needs to offer paid members of their website the ability to securely add their own “projects” to their account, which are essentially just text content which could be inputted via forms, which the member can save, edit, delete, and/or submit. Is this possible in Webflow or do I need to look to other tools? What are main considerations when implementing a feature like this?

Hi Olivia,
This should help.

Hi Michael. Thanks for the reply. I generally avoid visiting links from people I don’t know. Are you able to provide a brief summary of the main points?

:laughing: I answer this question a lot and there are a ton of things you need to know.
You can read my article or not, totally your choice.

I really don’t have the extra 30 mins needed to rewrite it again.

Posting a link with “this should help” and no further context comes across as scammy so I was just asking for a bit more context, but if your article is anything like your response then I’ve made the right choice not visiting it. Thanks for your reply.

A question like how to design an application framework isn’t a simple answer
that someone can easily turn out a useful answer to. It’s the reason Sygnal’s built and entire archive of resources to support Webflow designers and devs. Out team and our clients rely on them.

We make them public because they help others too.

Since you’re new here, and you don’t know anyone in the community, I’m not certain how you hope to get answers to your questions without reading the materials and resources people share with you.

If you’re a suspicious person by nature, one thing that can help you here is that you can click on any forum member’s name and read their profile, and see whether they give good, useful answers to people.

But whatever you do, I wish you the best with your project, it’s one of the most complex ones you can tackle in a Webflow-hosted site.