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Anyone Knows a Good Membership Portal that I can use with Webflow?

I’m trying to build a membership portal and pages. Anyone know a good software or tool that I can integrate with Webflow?

Ivan Teng

Hi Ivan,

You will have to export the site and integrate with a CMS that supports user registration, for example, Wordpress.

I have done it before, it’s not that difficult:

You need to use the Wordpress plugin called Theme My Login.

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Thanks for the reply @samliew!

How would I go about exporting the site and if I do so will I no longer be able to use Webflow?

Thanks again,

To export the site, you need to be on a Personal plan or above. In the designer view, there is an export icon next to the publish button, that looks like this: <>.

Yes, exporting code is one-way only, so make sure the design is 100% completed before you do so.

Thanks again @samliew,

When you say 100% completed, does that mean I can’t make anymore changes on that on Wordpress? Would I be uploading it like I would upload a theme?

For basic member registration and password protection you could try a service like sentry login (i haven’t used it with webflow myself).

It means you can’t import the Wordpress site into Webflow and continue making changes. You can manually edit the code using a text editor.

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