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Hello! I was doing some research online regarding webflow integration with a user management system but was unable to find existing discussions. I am looking to build a wholesale site that requires users to sign-up to verify their ID then sign-in to be able to access content from the store.

The password protected page is not useful in this case because users need to be allowed access via individual keys rather than a one-password-fits-all solution. Any word of advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!

I would design the site with Webflow, then export and integrate with Wordpress and host elsewhere like these: >> >>

Frontends were done in Webflow.

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Appreciate your advice Sam! Could you elaborate on how I can integrate webflow with wordpress? I am not familiar with Wordpress but was able to see some plugins I can use for user management system.

No, that’s too broad. You can Google for how to convert static website to wordpress, read up on tutorials/examples, or hire a web developer.

Alternatively, you can vote for this Membership accounts | Webflow Wishlist

Is there another solution rather than having to export and integrate with another platform? Thanks in advance

Yes, vote for the wishlist item and wait for it to get implemented natively.

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