Membership issues

I love the hard work you all are putting into Webflow, THANK YOU!

That said, I am having a lot of difficulty getting my membership invites to work. I have even manually typed the URL into the browser, and it still won’t take. I have sent myself the invite directly from my workspace, but the link doesn’t take me to the login page.

I understand this is still new, but I’m wondering how soon we can expect this to be resolved. I would like to give my clients access to their blog pages.


P.s. The share link here is useless. It’s sharing the preview mode of the login. I have no idea how to share the link that is in fact the real problem.

Not sure what you’re seeing, but when you receive the email verification, the link you click will take you to /sign-up first to complete the verification process.

If you want, send the published site link, and I can go through sign-up to take a look.

Hi Memetican. Thanks for the reply.

You’re right, the link I provided looks like everything is working just fine. But that is only the preview mode, not the published site. But that does show I know how to connect things.

Here is the published site but not the share link because the share link makes everything look like it’s working.

I’ve hidden the other elements so the two buttons are easier to get to. Sign up & Log in. Log in works but sign up keeps taking me to the same page it’s on. Invites are not a workaround either.

I have typed the exact URL into the search engine, but it still gets redirected back to the same page with the link.

Other links and pages work just fine, just no this one for some reason.

Thanks for looking into this.

I’m not sure why Webflow allowed it, but you have a 301 Redirect configured.
Two actually;


That first one is causing the problem. Since your site is currently hosted with a custom domain at velocitraveler, you should have access to remove that redirect from your site config.

Strange though, did you create the redirect before enabling Memberships?

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I have no idea why those redirects were there, I don’t believe I ever created them.

And thank you so much for looking into this! I checked on the 301 redirects and sure enough, the redirects were there.

I deleted them, published, and refreshed the site, but I’m still being redirected to the /plans page. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Your browser caches redirects for awhile. Try a different PC or a phone.

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Clearing the cache worked. Thank you!