Sign Up & Log In page issues

On a website I am building I am having an issue getting links for the “Sigh-Up” and “Log-In” pages to direct to those pages. When I utilize the preview in the designer it works, but then after published and look at the page, utilizing Chrome and Edge, both of those two links redirect to the home page instead of their intended page. I have tried making those links link to other internal and external pages and it works fine, but not to “Sign Up” or “Log In”. I cannot even type the web addresses for those pages into the URL bar and get them to populate…it again redirects to the home page. At this point even when I try alternate means to those pages (through a password protected page, triggering a need to log in) I cannot get to them, it redirects to the home page.

Specifically on the page, the issues are in the menu bar under the “Members” drop-down.

You’re getting the redirection because you’re already logged in.
Basically you’re clicking the link to /log-in, Webflow is seeing that you’re already logged in, and then you’re getting redirected to the home page.

A better way is to use the log-in / log-out component, because it will show the right action depending on your auth state.

Hi @jbayles :wave: welcome to the forum.

I’m not sure I’m 100% following you, but here are some of my thoughts, maybe they help (or maybe not :smile:)


If you open up the login form for Webflow Memberships, select the form block, you get a handy setting “redirect fallback”.

If you have some access groups setup and some pages restricted behind them, they’ll show up here.

Login, get redirected to it!

Regular Links:

There is nothing special about the login or signup links for Webflow Memberships. They all go to the same destination url.

But a hidden feature is a parameter you can append to that url called “usredir” which stands for “user redirect”.

In the above screenshot I just use a regular ol’ link element and append the destination I always want it to go to.

Login, go there. Easy peasy!

Hope that helps!

Hey Jordan, I’m having this same issue - were you able to resolve it?


Hey there, I’m having the same issue. Did anyone manage to find a fix?


Stuck in this same issue. I’ve checked cookies and the user is clearly logged in (as someone mentioned above), and I have tried the config steps written by Chris, but didn’t manage to sort it out.

Could please anybody provide some light here? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance

I have the same problem - could you fix it ?

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I encountered this as well but the following article shed some light on the different login workflows:

The “Log in Form Block” containing the Redirect fallback setting appears to be limited to the User Pages:

  • Home
  • User Account
  • Log In
  • Sign Up
  • Reset Password

I can confirm this to be the case in my instance but can’t speak for everyone (as a newbie to the platform :wink:). Anyway, hopefully that helps @jovana @elias-solana

Tried to give @erinrabie and @Fran_Palokaj a shout out as well but was limited to 2 tags…cheers

Hey David, I think that’s been expanded to allow linking to any static page, since I first wrote the article. I may need to update it.

That said, it sounds like there are two unrelated problems being discussed in this thread-

  1. A problem where going to /login immediately redirects you to home. No opportunity to enter login details, no error message, nothing. Just the redirect.
  2. A problem where login works as expected, however a successful login redirects you to Home, when you would rather users are sent elsewhere.

The initial post sounds like problem #1, and this happens when you are already logged in. You need to log out in order to access the /login page successfully.

#2 can be configured to some degree, or you can use Sygnal’s routing library to control login destination to any page you want, including a special first-time-logged in redirect for a custom welcome & onboarding process.