Webflow Membership accounts - invite new user not working


No way to invite users. Any idea why?

The product in BETA? (Or it should work). **I am not part of the beta program.

I’m getting this as well but I have actual users on this, and I’m getting pretty nervous here.

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I’m getting the same message as well, any word from support?

Yup, I was getting that all day yesterday too. I haven’t tried again today. It’s beta.

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a quick look in the devtools when inviting new users gives a 406 Not Acceptable error, which is generalized when displaying on the top-right popup.

Update - the “Invite New User” button is no longer available on the Users pane today.

Seeing the same, currently a 403 Forbidden, doesn’t work through the API, and the button is missing in the designer user manager.

I’d assume they’re doing some heavy revamp there because the memberships API is very broken atm, especially webhooks.

Really wish there was some communication happening here. Isn’t that what the BETA forum was intended for?

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More details on the beta forum here Memberships - Beta | Webflow (circle.so)

Thanks sahil, hadn’t actually checked today yet :joy:

How can I get access to this forum?

Very bottom of this page, scroll up and look for the purple box, click the Join the Memberships community link.

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Hi everyone :wave:, we are currently experiencing issues with the “invite a new user” flow in Memberships.

Our team is actively investigating and deploying solutions to get this functionality back up and running. We expect to have this fixed by the end of next week and we will provide an update in our Memberships Community on Circle as soon as it’s live in production.

If you are experiencing issues with inviting new users and are looking for a workaround — we recommend publishing your page and directing users to the /sign-up page and form.

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Was curious on an ETA for the return of the invite new users button? I have been seeing the following message for two weeks now:

“Memberships Known Issue
We are currently experiencing issues with ‘invite a new user’ and have disabled it for the time being. We are actively working to get this functionality back up and running by the end of next week.”

I also have not seen anything new in the change-log or forums about this problem. Just wanting to give our clients a general ETA on the return of the memberships invite because that is how we allow them to log into their dashboard, but we can not allow them to create their own accounts. Their emails have to match the emails on another database to retrieve the data they see, so we cant afford them not using the correct email on account setup.

Did this ever get fixed? Doesn’t seem to be working when I invite users.

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Same issue here, the invitation is always as a pending but after accepting I cannot see the workspace