Medium Article on Developers Embracing Webflow

Hi All - I just discovered Webflow, and am loving what I see so far. As someone who has been hand-coding everything from scratch, working with Craft CMS, using Git/Gitlab and deployment/hosting ‘pipelines’, I think this is a really innovative approach to ‘visual coding’. I’m also comfortable with graphics platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, so this is a really interesting space between all of these tools and approaches. I will say the one thing I really hope Webflow embraces is the CSS grid layout approach.

In looking around to see what web developers who have been hand coding think of Webflow - i.e. beyond just the ‘use it as a prototyping tool’ view - I thought this Medium article was spot on, and so wanted to share. Cheers

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Hi @matt.bryant

Welcome to Webflow! There’s a number of people here on the forums who used to handcode everything but Webflow has made a massive difference.

Regarding CSS Grid, and various other requests, you can check out the Webflow wishlist and vote on items you want to see. - In Development!

You can also hear more about Webflow’s status and plans for the future (inc Ecommerce) in quarterly Q+As with CEO Vlad:

Want to see more of the ethos behind Webflow:

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