The Future of Design Systems and Webflow

So, I just got done reading this article:

And I was thinking of all of the different design tools out there, and how long it took Webflow to get to where it is. The design community is going to be starving for a tool like the one that article talks about and the industry would pay a LOT of money (especially from larger companies) for one, saving them from hiring expensive resources… However, I don’t think that this tool would completely eliminate the need for creative resources in companies. As the article points out, this tool would need to be able to grow and be built upon.

Anyway, as I was thinking about all the possible tools at our disposal, I think that Webflow is in the best position to steal that seat if they wanted it. Considering the amount of work that the Webflow team has already put into their product, another team would have to AT LEAST do THAT work on top of all the other work that Webflow has to do to get to the tool that the article describes.

I’m not sure I’m making very much sense, and I know this definitely speaks to the long term strategy of Webflow… but it’s cool for me to think about what a product could be and dream a little. (And I want the best for Webflow because I love it!! :smile:) Anyway, would love to hear what others think after reading the article. If for nothing else, it’s a great read (cough cough Vlad…)


As the product design and front-end dev industry continues to evolve, I agree that Webflow is both well-positioned. One of the next major feature sets I hope to see is around supporting enterprise-grade design systems.


I see this thread is almost a year old now, but it’s more important than ever. I believe WebFlow is in the part of its growth curve where they have a lot of potential paths and almost all of them are convincing paths… but they can’t choose them all.

Design systems are a prime objective because they solve for the marketing, blog, and ecommerce spaces that WebFlow has targeted as well as giving them an avenue into product design.

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Based on recent hires, design systems seem to be top of mind. Looking forward to what develops.