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DevTips covers Webflow

Travis from DevTips covers Webflow - link here.


Rad didn’t show the real power of webflow :sob: the next time I want to see Travis using WF also
I wan to see Travis and @callmevlad talking about webflow.

Just reading down through some of the comments over there makes me feel like Webflow is going to have to seriously blow minds to create a mass convert of traditional front-end hand coders to the platform. I personally think they are doing next level stuff already, but there is a heavy condescending high school prom queen vibe that just oozes out of some traditional hand coders.

It’s sad, because you read people throwing 2pac lyrics in the comment section over there like “Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy.” - which is actually hilarious but seems to sum up many experienced hand coder’s thoughts when they first encounter Webflow.

Why can’t Webflow revolutionize the way people write html/css? It’s not like there is logic involved, if/else statements, etc… It’s actually a really mundane, boring, & repetitive process. Webflow makes “coding” fun. What amazing thing do we really think we are doing when we write opening/closing tags, add a class to a piece of html, tab over, attach CSS declarations that can’t be accomplished in a quicker, more efficient manner with a GUI that gives you the whole process in one simple, visual, and responsive step & allows you to address your media queries at the same time?

I’m sure MS-Dos used to be fun & was considered “the way” until somebody changed the game.

To me Webflow is like the missing link between a designer and developer. I mean, if you are a traditional front-end or full stack developer why would you care about the task or responsibility of what is essentially a function of design or a designer’s role by adding content (html) to a page and styling it like the person who designed it asked you too (CSS). Wouldn’t you appreciate that you can now focus on more of the heavy lifting in terms of making backend things function, pulling data to and from a thing, etc? Real development stuff.

Rant over :wink:


you’re speaking to the choir. I agree with everything you’re saying.

I’ve been evangelizing Webflow since closed beta (summer of 2013) and it’s the same thing over and over when I tell people about Webflow. Most people in our industry don’t like WYSIWYG tools. But it makes a lot of sense as to why.

Many web design tools out in the market produce horrible, bloated code.

People would rather handcode everything rather than having to reverse engineer bloated code. I don’t blame them. But the part I do blame people on is when they judge a new tool and never use it or even look at the code it produces.

It’s no different than judging a book by its’ cover.

The team is working hard everyday to do this. We know we can’t convert the whole industry at one time, but what we can do is create awesome things to make designers lives better little by little. With each new feature we create more people talk about it. Then people try it. Then those people tell other people about it. :slight_smile:

So don’t worry about trying to convince people to use Webflow. They’ll find their way eventually while you’re already ahead of them :wink:

Thank you for sticking with us on the adventure. :heart:


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