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Until yesterday I had a total of 6 sites created, all of them public. I tried to clone a template from another user so I could use it later for other projects, but after trying to create it as a public site I got this message: “Error: You have reached the maximum number of public sites on your account.”
I thought then that the limit of public sites would be 6, so I decided to change the visibility to private on one of them so I could still clone the other project and have it public, but after trying once again with one of my other 6 sites as private I still got the same error, and now every time I try to change back one of my previous sites to public I keep getting the same message.
Is it a bug or am I missing the limit numer of public sites?

Hey @Laurie can you please email for assistance with this issue?

Thank you,


@Waldo Sure, I’ll do it now and update this post when I get a reply from the support team

Hi @Laurie, If you are on the free starter plan membership, you can create up to 5 public sites. On paid membership plans (Personal, Professional, Team), you can create up to 20 public sites.

I hope this helps to clarify that. Let me know if you have any further questions.

@cyberdave - Hi Dave, did the plans just change? I thought we had unlimited public and 20 private sites on a personal plan. I see that the pricing table for plans reflects what you are saying.

Hi @vlogic, yes the number of public sites changed to 20 for all paid plans, and 5 for the free starter plan. I hope this helps, let me know if any other questions.

I was going to ask exactly the same as @vlogic, now it makes sense tho I would have liked to know that before I decided to switch one of my public sites to private.
Thanks for replying @cyberdave

@cyberdave, maybe there should be an additional category to preserve part of the spirit of the community. Many of the cloneable public sites created by frequenters on the forum were created as shared assets for the benefit of the community - often to help someone with a problem to to help newbies break through the cellophane. Will this have a potential adverse effect not being able to afford to share cloneable solutions to frequently encountered issues. Do those same limits apply to cloneable public sites? Should they? I get that with tremendous growth, you have to make some adjustments. And I am OK with whatever you collectively decide.

Just have a bunch of personal cleaning up to do - which I guess is the point… :wink:

I understand we could make a giant repository site to contain those clonable assets, but you lose a ton of clarity for a new person to decipher the chaos of bloat within the file.

How about a way to earn space to encourage benevolent behavior and asset sharing? collectively paying it forward…


@vlogic, those are good questions and good idea. I will need to discuss this with the team. I will get back to you :slight_smile:


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