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Combining multiple sites to increase allowed page amount limitation

I have a project which requires up to 300 product pages but WF allows only 80-100 per site I believe. So I created a duplicate and started building it out as the next “section” of products. This is after speaking with WF support many times on it.

Once I export all sites, assuming there will be 3-4, and aside from making sure all html and image files are in their correct folders under the site’s hierarchy, please let me know if there is anything else I should be mindful of. I am particularly concerned with actions, effects, CSS and of course all sites’ navigation all working properly.

I believe this can work but I fear the future when I must affect changes to one or more pages and then I will need to export, recombine and re-upload possibly the entire project again.


Why don’t you simply email support to request an increase in the page limit?

are you building each product page individually or are you using the cms? if you’re using the cms (which you should be and i hope you are), you’ve nothing to worry about!

this is from the webflow plans section

“You can create up to 100 static pages per site on Personal, Professional or Team plans. If you need more pages, just contact us at and we’ll help you out. Starter plans are limited to 2 pages per website, but once you set up a hosting subscription, you may create up to 80 pages. Note, you can create as many dynamic pages with our CMS as you’d like.”

I think @samliew is correct…
I thought I had seen somewhere - “if you needed a an increase”… just contact webflow.

@Diarmuid_Sexton - the problem I have with the cms is…

  • you and (especially the client) are locked into webflow hosting.

So far… it doesn’t look like webflow has any intension of making a self-hosted solution.

That’s why I haven’t used the cms other than for testing.

In comparison
We have a client billing / management software that runs directly on our servers.

We pay for a package amount of accounts… for example 100 accounts.

This allows us to use the system for 100 clients.

If you we need addition accounts… we simply purchase them.

The idea though… is that we can move the system to any server we want… as long as the server is “registered”.

If it’s not registered… the software will not run.

The system automatically calls home every so often - to verify it’s legitimacy.

We pay an annual fee for the numbers of accounts we have.

I did and they raised to 110 but that’s not enough for the entire site. Thanks.

No I started building the site before they introduced CMS.

I am not looking for them to host my site. Need to export the website and host it on my own servers.

Hi @sethregan, at the moment, combining the sites after export, using the first site exported as the main site to merge files into, is probably the best solution until the page limits in Webflow on a per site basis are increased.

I tested the export scenario with a couple of exported sites, using symbols with relative path links, and after merging the sites (after export), the site appears to work as intended for me.

I know this is a hassle and I wish I could give you an ETA for when page limits will be increased. As soon as there is a change for this, it will be updated on the Wish List here: Increase page limits on individual and team plans

Let me know in case of any questions, I am here to help.

Hello @sethregan, I suggest you use the CMS to build your product pages, publish in the Webflow subdomain and use SiteSucker and DeepVacuum to download the entire website. SiteSucker will get all your static pages/assets and DeepVacuum (you have to fine tune the presets) will get all your dynamic content. Merge both and you’re done. I just did that and it worked like a charm.

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