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Maps Widget Help Needed

Does anyone have info/tutorial on how to use the Map widget available in the toolbar? It’s not very intuitive and need a little guidance. Thanks

I don’t think there’s a video.

  1. create a section
  2. add the map widget to the section
  3. select the map on the screen to make it the active element
  4. click on the gear (settings) icon (upper right)
  5. enter an address in the map settings address field
  6. enter some text into the tooltip

that’s basically it

here’s a video

Thank you. Very helpful. Any idea if we can add multiple points on the same map? And if so, how.

The map widget only allows 1 point on the map.

I have 1 customer with 11 locations - so I couldn’t do the webflow map widget.

Try Snazzy Maps.

See this thread.