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Google Map API for Webflow Embed

Hello Webflow Community,

I am trying to embedd a map with Snazzy Map, currently following this tutorial:

Everything works well with the copied code but as I replace with my API it goes buggy:

Now my question is how to we get the correct API key from Google maps?
As I get to the developer console I am presented with dozens of options and I am not sure which one do I need. I tried with Google Maps Embed API, Static Maps API and others with no luck. Also as I click on credentials it wouldn’t load.

Can anyone help with this?

In your API settings on Google map, did you set a domain or list of domains? Because webflow’s designer is under, self publishing is under and you may have a custom domain or your own server with your own url. This is an error I run into with font servers, maybe the Maps API works like this too.

Thanks vincent…

Not sure…I was never promped to provide domain…
Also as I went back to search for API settings I couldn’t find it.

Also do you know which Google Map API do I need?
There are dozens and I am a bit lost in the wild…maybe that’s where the problem lies

In case you need it here is the website under discussion (last section of the home)

Thanks for your help.
Much appreciated.

No, I’m sorry, I am not skilled at Maps or any other Google API.

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