Mapping tags or Keywords Instead of Plain Text


I would like to have tags/keywords in the tools used section and I think this happens in the CMS but in which part? Should I create a new field or is it somewhere else?
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Thank you.

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I think you’re probably trying to create something like this-
A list of tags you can assign to CMS items, and then use it for filtering or added information.

That’s built as follows;

  • Tags collection, contains the Tag name and any other info you want, icons, colors, etc.
  • Blog or other main collection, has a Multiref field bound to Tags
  • Blog collection page contains a collection list bound to that multiref field, which then presents those tags *

It’s best to keep those tags to 5 or less if possible, because if you want to use them in a filtered view later ( collection list within a collection list ), you will be limited to 5. It will simply act as though tags 6+ do not exist on each item.

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