Newbie: Better way to do tags for blog posts / content?


I am creating a website with a similar structure to a blog. Every piece of content has its own page and is associated with a single author and multiple tags. Each author has their own profile page, listing their content contributions, and each tag has its own page showing all pages / content associated with that tag.

I understand that I will use multi-reference fields in the collections to reference author and tags, but unlike the example in the tutorial each post could potentially have dozens of tags. I am setting myself up to create hundreds of separate tag entries in the tag collection. Is there a better way to do this? Perhaps some way to create a master tag template that draws from a text field in the CMS where tags can be input by the usual method with comma separation?

Help really much appreciated!

are “hundreds” of tags necessary in your project? Is it possible to scope that down to just the essential tags? This will help you maintain your website in the lorn term. Keep things from getting too messy. :smiley:

Unfortunately yes! Tags are the entire navigation of the site and the organising structure of the content. Although actually it won’t matter if I can’t display multiple tags per post? It seems you are not currently able to have a dynamic list that draws from a multi-reference list on a collection template page?


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