Map Element not displaying actual map location

Why doesn’t the Map Element display in Design Mode any more ?

It shows the Pin with the correct text… but the actual map is greyed out.

Guess this is not a big issue… just wondering why I cannot see it anymore.

Hi @Revolution it’s working for me.

Do you see any errors in your console?

Nothing in console related to map element.

(Like probably everyone else)… every project I have displays a map.

And I just checked (literally) 10 of them.

All of them do not show the map.

Keep in mind - this is Design Mode. It’s works in Preview / Publish Export Mode.

Might be a browser issue. Will check on a different computer.

In the mean time… this is what I see.

Initial check was on a Mac Mini.

I just checked on a WIndows PC, another Mac Mini and a MacBook.

All updates to current OS / Browser specs… same issue.

No map - except for 1 project. Which is kinda strange.

So I went back and checked the init Mac Mini for that 1 project… and it worked there.

I will check my projects. Maybe I did something different / wrong on those projects.

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