Map API... no show

So I’ve found a new pet peeve…
In my latest project draft I copied+paste an API key to the Google Maps API area under Project settings but the map is no where to be seen on the published site… does anyone has any idea why?

Shared link:

Live view

Your map’s position is absolute…

.map {
    position: absolute;

Your API key is not activated…

See “Generate an API Key” here Map | Webflow University

Looks like you are getting an error with your map API

Removed ‘absolute’… now visible placeholder…

yes… I am getting that error… not sure why or how to remedy.

currently exploring "registering project’ indicated by @samliew… standby

Select your project, click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES


Search for and click “Google Maps JavaScript API”

Generate new API key here


Created project and copied API… Solved!

Thanks @samliew

You probably used an invalid key previously. Make your own keys next time :wink:

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