Google Map does not appear

Hi there,

I have a contact page which includes a Google Map widget. Though instead of seeing the map, all I get is a blank gray rectangle. I’ve tried on multiple devices and browsers.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi @eliorhelos

Can you please send me the following so I can take a closer look?
• Description of what you’re experiencing (include names of site, pages, elements, classes, interactions, etc)
• Your read-only link:
• Examples of what you’re experiencing (Screenshots of issue: or (even better) a GIF taken with LiceCap: - Make sure to show the whole screen for context)
• Environment info that you’re experiencing trouble on (include your exact browser version, device model, operating system version, etc)

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Also, are you getting any errors in the developer console on the published site?

Link is for help topic ( is broken, and redirects to I also suggest adding/consolidating the instructions into

Thanks for the quick response @PixelGeek,

Try changing the zoom level of the map in the designer, it seems to force the map to display.

@cyberdave Got the hint from console, seems like zoom wasn’t set on published site:


Sir, you’ve done it again.
Changing the zoom did help.

Thank you very much!

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