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Manage Webflow Ecommerce orders (data, customers email, ...)


I recently delivered a Webflow e-commerce website to a client, everything work well for now.

But my client feel like some part of the back end are a bit of a hassle and want to improve some point.

His store is providing multiple delivery options.

  • He’d like to be able to see orders sort by delivery type
  • Sent customizable Confirmation order’s email depending on the delivery type.

I’ve checked in every little settings corners but couldn’t find a solution, I guess I’ll have to use 3rd party tools?

I’ve never used some before but I made some research, I’ve seen that one solution would be to change the store to a store in order to have access to their Order Desk but if I’m right it costs at least $99/mo, to much for my client.

An other one might be to convert the store to a woo commerce or a Shopify store. I hate wordpress and to convert to Shopify looks like a Hassle.

Isn’t it a way? a CRM ? idk… to stay with Webflow while solving those problems ?

(also tried to get data from orders with zapier and Integromat, send them to a google sheets, but because of the data structure I can’t get the data of the purchased products properly)

Thanks :pray:

Hi @Marin.
Josh from Foxy here. I wanted to confirm that Order Desk isn’t required. We can show you how to setup a custom order management tool with Foxy > Zapier > Airtable. We can even show you how to send orders back to a Webflow CMS Collection for basic order management in Webflow. Please don’t hesitate to reach out: