Making a Monthly income with Webflow?

Hi guys ,

Just trying to work out how to make a monthly income from web flow if you have any pointer would be great or how to deal with customers after the project is done. do you charge monthly fees for upkeep, hosting etc

Not too sure if there a thread like this if so please share

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Hi @Adam_Wright,

We make money on monthly hosting costs, but that is possible due to us having a good conversion of USD to GBP, so hosting on Webflow is really cost effective for us.

But we make a habit of staying in monthly, sometimes bi-weekly contact with all our web clients, giving them updates on their websites and stats, also we are always thinking about how we can improve a client’s website, which of course we put forward to the client every now and then if they want to go ahead we charge for it of course.

Hope that helps in some way…

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