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I’m new to Webflow and starting to transfer clients to the service. Before Webflow I used to advise clients to deal with the hosting provider directly, but with Webflow, if I want to work on the client’s site in the future, it might be wise to keep it on my account. So, I’m trying to figure what’s fare to charge for hosting. Is it enough to just charge the $16 Webflow charges me? Or should I charge more and why? What do you guys do?


We charge more. How much is really subjective. A couple reasons why we manage hosting and charge for it…

  1. Properly managing a site takes time and time is money.
  2. It’s a good opportunity to stay in contact with a client.
  3. They hired us to do something they’re not good at and if they manage the hosting there’s a good chance they’ll break it and come back complaining.
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I charge more. I bundle customer support and monthly seo with hosting and charge extra for that.


I guess the question comes from the fact that since I built my first WF site (month and a half ago), I didn’t need to do any maintenance… It’s not like with Wordpress where I need to update plugins and run backups frequently. What are the specific tasks you do to maintain a WF site properly? I feel like I’m missing something.


I get your point and yes with WF there are definitely less maintenance than a WP which requires constant plugin updates. In this case the monthly fee I would charge which be less than a WP site but still invoice them on a monthly basis for “on-call” support. When you do those monthly invoices you could easily add your hosting and perhaps add a little on top of WF hosting. Because hosting and the website is so close connected I feel its best to charge the client for hosting and support as the client will in most cases contact you first if there are an issue with the site. That time you spend on these calls or emails cost you time (money) so I try to get ahead of these things by doing both hosting and websites for my clients.

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