🎉 Make Your Webflow Site Shine: Simple, Effective Reviews with Brandzway!

:rocket: Hey Webflow Community! :globe_with_meridians:

We’re thrilled to introduce the Brandzway app on the Webflow appstore! :tada:
It’s a great tool to use customer feedback for boosting your site’s engagement and trust.

The Power of Social Proof :bulb:
Reviews are vital for building social proof. They show new customers that your products are trusted and valued by others, significantly boosting confidence and driving sales.

Feature Highlights :star2:

1. Reviews Moderation :writing_hand:

  • Real-time customer reviews and ratings.
  • Manage reviews easily with our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Respond to reviews publicly or privately to engage with customers.
  • Moderate reviews with options to publish/hide and sort or filter them as needed.

2. Customize for your Brand :art:

3. Orders :package:

  • Track your orders.
  • Send review requests manually if you prefer.

4. Analytics for Strategic Growth :bar_chart:

  • Analyze site performance: orders received, revenue, review stats.
  • Compare data with past performance for informed decision-making.

Getting Started is Simple! :heart:
:one: Install Brandzway from the Webflow appstore. Click here
:two: Customize settings to align with your brand’s style.
:three: Watch your site’s credibility grow with new reviews!

Check out our demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOLStYSnBdg&t=3s
Need more info or assistance? Reach out to us anytime on hello@brandzway.com