Mailerlite integration


I’m really convinced to quit wordpress for using webflow for my sites creation.
But I’d also really like Mailerlite being integrate with Webflow.

Mailerlite is my email provider of choice when my site will be ready.

So Please, could we hope for an integration very soon ?


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As far as I know, there is no native support for MailerLite in Webflow, but you can connect both through services like Zapier, Integromat,, etc.

Hey @skott Michaela from Integromat here :slightly_smiling_face:

There currently seems to be no native Webflow-Mailerlite so as already suggested, a third-party app is the answer.

You might want to check out Webflow and Mailerlite on Integromat to see what the currently available features are :nerd_face:

I am bumping this thread again. MailerLite is fantastic ESP that has taken off in the WordPress space. Their editor is superior to MailChimp and is a great starter ESP for smaller businesses. Is it that difficult to create a native integration for MailerLite?

** I do not get any kickbacks from MailerLite.*



No it’s not…
I also prefer Mailerlite over Mailchimp.
But I just wanted a direct integration in Webflow, like we have for Mailchimp.
I don’t understand why we do not have such hability to do so. It would have been so great. What’s your take on that ?

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We’re using MailerLite because we prefer the editor and simplicity of setting up campaigns. But it’s frustrating that we have to send users to an external page when they submit a form instead of showing them the Webflow success state.

Would be great if Webflow added an integration for this.

If you agree, you can vote for this in the wishlist: MailerLite integration | Webflow Wishlist

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Love MailerLite and it would make Webflow a lot more valuable to me if it had a direct integration.