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Best way to add custom fields to a form

This is to continue a discussion that has been closed, so I am creating a new post:

I created a form and 'd like to add a custom field: not email, name or last name, but a text area when subscribers can add additional details about themselves. Following the recommendations above, I’ve tried two approaches and both failed:

  1. Direct integration with Mailchimp: I created a so-called “General form” and managed to add a column for the additional field that I need to include in my list, it does appear next to the “email” column when I open the list on Mailchimp, but I can’t find a way to pass the desired information from webflow into the newly-generated Mailchimp list. I tried to use name for the form elements that are coincident with the names in the mailchimp list, but it doesn’t work, only the email address gets passed on

  2. Integration via Zapier
    Even though I would prefer approach 1 instead of adding an extra step in between, I did try to follow the steps described here: New Feature: Zapier integration for Form Submissions

The problem is, the site name is recognised (I get a list of all my webflow sites and then select the one I am working on), but the form name is not. I have two forms on the site, none of them appears in the “form name” dropdown in the Zapier interface. If I select the option “Use a custom value”, and use the same name I used for the form in webflow, I later get an error message"":
Bargle. We hit an error fetching a form submission. :frowning: Error: _
_ returned (500) Internal Server Error and said “Error: Please submit a sample form submission”
I tried to make a submission on the live site but the error is still there.

I have achieved what you describe in point 1 above. When you create the additional field in Mailchimp, a MERGE value is created for it. You need to enter this MERGE value in the settings for the corresponding field on Webflow and the data will then be passed correctly.


Thanks for the hint. Could you add more detail? I am not sure what you mean by “MERGE value”, do I see it in the code generated by Mailchimp? And where exactly am I supposed to add it when I am in webflow? I guess you are referring to the form elements that you can drag from the toolbar (the “plus” symbol on top left), rather then the “Form” settings in the site settings, correct? (I never used this actually and I am still not sure when it would be recommended).

In mailchimp go to the form that you are building. Then in the sidebar on the right there are two tabs, ‘add a field’ and ‘field settings’. Click ‘field settings’ and there is a field named ‘Field Tag’. It is the value from this that you need to enter into Webflow. Some fields in Mailchimp already have a field tag value, e.g the Email Address field has a field tag called ‘EMAIL’ (this cannot be edited). Mailchimp will assign your newly added field its own Field Tag (what I have previously referred to as a ‘Merge’ value’). As an example one of my custom fields has a field tag value called ‘MMERGE3’. Copy the value for the field in question.

In Webflow select the field on the form, then select the settings tab in the sidebar. Click the ‘+’ button in the custom attributes section.

In the ‘name’ field enter the name of your field, in the value field enter the field tag value that you copied earlier (in this example ‘MMERGE3’.

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I appreciate you taking the time to explain this in detail, unfortunately I can’t get it to work. I followed all the steps as you’ve illustrated Only email address gets passed on. Maybe someone from the Webflow team can help? I’ve been using a multiline text area instead of a simple input field, but I’d expect it to work the same as a single-line.


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