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Webflow CMS item for form text field issue with Mailchimp


I’ve integrated Webflow’s native form with Mailchimp and everything worked well; Webflow’s text field’s ID and Name matching up with the Mailchimp’s equivalents and subscribers were being created in the contact list on submit. That was, however, until our sales guys wanted a field added that could only be obtained by putting the form inside a cms collection.

I added an embed component inside the form and added the following:

When I change the input type from hidden to text, I can see the name from the CMS being shown in the form so I know the embedded code works well. Changing it back to hidden, the form posts, I see the success view but the cms item does not get into Mailchimp. It’s blank.

Here’s my Mailchimp view for that Domain field:

Can anyone help me please?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Note, I’ve tried the name and domain in the right capitalised case (to match Mailchimp) and have tried the CMS item (Name) in single and double quotes

Fixed it. I had copied and pasted a form that was working and didn’t realise that the field names had had a -2 appended to them. Plus I think the values in the code need double speechmarks instead of single ones.