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Mailchimp advanced integration: How to add segments/tags for different forms?

I have a website with 2 signup forms connected with Mailchimp and working good.

What I want is to show in Mailchimp that this contact came from Form 1 or Form 2, I was planning to use the tags (not the form field tags, the properties tag).
See MailChimp screenshot

Any idea how can I do that?



Bump. I have this same issue - has anyone figured out how to add tags?

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I have the same issue, can anyone help us here? :3

Has anyone managed to come up with a solution? I have a mailing list of 2500+ users with various tags, and it’s becoming increasingly impossible to manually add the right tag to each new subscriber.

Booom. I have exactly the same isssue. Anyone managed to have a workaround? Please tell us, would be great help!

Working with a team mate I was able to set the tag field for new subscribers. I am still working on how to update existing subscribers.

Used an embed html field in the form and set the type to hidden, then passed along any data I wanted to. Just be sure to have the name set to the same field within mailchimp.

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I did the same, but it is not a tag, right? We need to create a |MERGE| or something to convert to a tag. I didn’t go far on this idea, but yeah, I’m doing that.

For my field name I just used Name=“CONTACTTAGS”, but I ended up using a Zapier connection to update and create contacts on the list.

Hey would you be able to give us a bit more context on how you went about this. I’m not a coder so would love to know more :slight_smile:

Community I am having the same requirement and didn’t understand even how to workaround with a hidden field, could someone give more context ? Thank you a lot!

Hi, anyone has a good idea about this?
I am having the same question.

Same issue here. I guess the only solution is to use zappier or create more audiences and set a campaign for a specific audience.

@dannyJ More info about how you pre-filled the hidden field would help a lot