Mailchimp advanced integration: How to add segments/tags for different forms?

I have a website with 2 signup forms connected with Mailchimp and working good.

What I want is to show in Mailchimp that this contact came from Form 1 or Form 2, I was planning to use the tags (not the form field tags, the properties tag).
See MailChimp screenshot

Any idea how can I do that?



Bump. I have this same issue - has anyone figured out how to add tags?

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I have the same issue, can anyone help us here? :3

Has anyone managed to come up with a solution? I have a mailing list of 2500+ users with various tags, and it’s becoming increasingly impossible to manually add the right tag to each new subscriber.

Booom. I have exactly the same isssue. Anyone managed to have a workaround? Please tell us, would be great help!

Working with a team mate I was able to set the tag field for new subscribers. I am still working on how to update existing subscribers.

Used an embed html field in the form and set the type to hidden, then passed along any data I wanted to. Just be sure to have the name set to the same field within mailchimp.

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I did the same, but it is not a tag, right? We need to create a |MERGE| or something to convert to a tag. I didn’t go far on this idea, but yeah, I’m doing that.

For my field name I just used Name=“CONTACTTAGS”, but I ended up using a Zapier connection to update and create contacts on the list.

Hey would you be able to give us a bit more context on how you went about this. I’m not a coder so would love to know more :slight_smile:

Community I am having the same requirement and didn’t understand even how to workaround with a hidden field, could someone give more context ? Thank you a lot!

Hi, anyone has a good idea about this?
I am having the same question.

Same issue here. I guess the only solution is to use zappier or create more audiences and set a campaign for a specific audience.

@dannyJ More info about how you pre-filled the hidden field would help a lot

More context, please. How did you go about doing this step from a non-coder point of view?

Did anyone solved this? would be really helpful

If anyone is still looking for a solution, managed to get it working.

  1. Use the Embedded Form option on MailChimp and select the tag(s) you want. Go to the embedded form code and copy the line:
  2. On Webflow, within the form block, add an embed component before the Submit Button. Edit the component’s HTML code and paste the line you copied from MailChimp

Thanks @Ben93 that was a great help!

For anyone still struggling with this, the tag option isn’t added to the form POST action URL; you need to find this code and add it to the embed block (the code will change depending on tag so this is just an example of how it looks):

<div hidden="true"><input type="hidden" name="tags" value="7484161"></div>

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Thanks @Ruairi_McNicholas this was very helpful!


I don’t quite understand what to do. I have linked my list to a contact form, but I do not understand how I can also add a tag with this link and select another tag for another form. Can someone please help me further?

Create a form inside of Mailchimp that adds people to a specific segment or tag.
Then create an embed from this and look for the example code inside it that I’ve listed.
Then copy that code into an Embed block in Webflow, and add that block inside your form.
This becomes a hidden/invisible field in your form that people can’t change and is automatically set to the segment/tag you chose initially, and will add people to it when submitted.