Mailchimp advanced integration: How to add segments/tags for different forms?

Hi, thanks for the quick response.

Works perfectly indeed! The only problem I have now is that my customers no longer receive emails from the forms…

But they are successfully added to the list!

You can submit your Webflow form to a flow to easily send Mailchimp tags. Create a flow with Webhook trigger and Mailchimp - Add Member to list tasks. Specify Mailchimp tags in the latter task; the screenshot is below.


  1. Edit the Webhook task and click “Register body format now”
  2. Submit your Webflow form to the URL on this task; you need to change the default form submission link on the Webflow form.
  3. Edit the Mailchimp task and map expressions from the form data to the task.

If someone is still looking for a solution for this, I made a short & up to date video on how to connect Webflow forms to Mailchimp (including tags):

How to integrate Mailchimp and Webflow? (Basic Setup, Custom Fields, Tags)