Made styling changes to a higher breakpoint

I made quite a few styling changes to a higher breakpoint and now that I figured that out I went back to my base breakpoint. Everything looks messed up there. When I try to amend styling in the base breakpoint now, some of those changes don’t seem to reflect in the higher breakpoints. I’m caught up in a web now and would simply like to retain my base breakpoint styling and build the higher and lower breakpoints styling ground up based on the base breakpoint. Is it possible to do this?

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Hey Skazi,

Correct, that’s how breakpoint styling works.
Your base breakpoint style propogate upwards through larger breakpoints, and downwards through lower breakpoints.

It sounds like you understand it correctly and just need to get the hang of it.

If you set e.g. All H1’s text color at a higher breakpoint, and then after that, set it at your base breakpoint, the setting you’ve established at your higher breakpoint will still be present and override it. This shows as a blue label next to the setting.

If you want to undo that override, click that blue label and then Undo.

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