Editing Base-breakpoint without affecting other breakpoints

Hello Dear Webflow Experts,

I need to make quite a few changes to the scaling on my base-breakpoint. Is there a way I can make these without changing any of the smaller screens?

Many Thanks!

Not in any practical way. In Webflow terms, that’s like asking if you can shift the foundation of a house without knocking over a single vase in on the 3rd floor.

Your best approach is probably-

  • duplicate your entire website; the copy will be a reference
  • modify your main website’s breakpoint
  • work your way up and down through the breakpoints, with both sites open in the designer. Use the backup as a reference to determine what style settings were and to override them appropriately where your changes require it

Best done on two monitors of course, or a laptop and PC adjacent.

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Thank you very much. I hoped for a easier way, but your explanation makes very much sense