Nondestructive fix for designing outside of base breakpoint

Couldn’t find this in search, but seems likely that it’s been asked before, so sorry if it’s an FAQ.

I designed my first site at the largest breakpoint, not the starred base. I’m working on an iMac so it felt more natural to start work at that scale. Never occurred to me start in the middle, the layout degrades from largest to smallest so it’s easiest to build the full version then remove/scale things.

I only learned about the concept of the base breakpoint after finishing the largest breakpoint, noticing that “Desktop” styling was undoing my work.

So now I’m making one change at a time to the base breakpoint, after writing down the values at the larger breakpoint so they can be restored immediately after.

Is there an easier way to do this? Can I change which breakpoint is “base”? Prevent the flow of styling from base? Copy/paste the raw CSS for the larger size en masse?

Ha ha ha, I feel your pain. Yeah, understanding that fundamental is important.
You might be able to ease your cleanup process with Finsweet’s chrome extension, it adds a lot of features that may help you here.

That’s the best advice I can offer.

Thanks, I’ll give that extension a look. At least it’s a lesson you only have to learn once!