Lottie image sequence is ignored in preloader

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after nearly 20 Years of web-design-abstinence these are my first steps back…so here comes my first question.

It seems that an image sequence, integrated in a json-file is ignored by the standard preloader.
Beside that I have the impression that the sequence is still flickering when playing the animation for the first time. This issues only appear when i’m on a mobile 4G or slower connection. I know 8MB is not optimal for web, but its not huge for modern days I guess… (it would be cool if bodymovin won’t recompress already smaller jpeg or png sequences by the way)
So is there a way to take the json-sequence into account while preloading? Or is there something else i’m doing wrong?

Right now I work around this issue by playing the animation for some seconds under the preloading animation… but this doesn’t make any sense if you have a fast connection- you wait for nearly 10 seconds no matter what. :confused:

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Here is my public share link: http://cannons-s-awesome-project-8ff6dbc465573.webflow.io/

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anybody? I’ve also found out, that json image sequences load extremely slow in Safari. My image sequence is just 8MB. The Background movie is loaded quite fast even if its much bigger(30MB)

Hey, I have the same issue. Any luck with it? Were you able to resolve it?

Not really. Well I solved that problem, but i stumble across the fact, that it is not running under mac os catalina. I’ve got an answer from Webflow. They told me that the project might be too big. But I think thats nonsense. I know that a website bigger than 20 MB might be too big. And it doesn’t answer the question, why it is running smooth on every system, even quite old ones but not on the latest Mac OS. They also haven’t answered my question about the preloader. Even though they told me that I should use one. - It still doesn’t work on Mac OS.

Thanks for the quick update @NickOh73

I have a Lottie with JSON image of 21mb, it seems to work fine on Chrome on macOS Catalina, but seems to flicker a lot of Firefox. I think after few minutes flickering goes away, but there should be an easier way to load the Lottie sequence completely on the web before showing it (which works across platforms and browsers).