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Lottie Animation from a rendered sequence - keeping file sizes small

hi i was wondering if anybody has come up with some good working practices for keeping file sizes low when turning a rendered image sequence into a lottie file.
in the tutorials they turn a 1000x400 render into an image sequence that is then converted into a .json/lottie that is dropped into webflow. when i do something of a similiar size it results in a gigantic file 100mb+ far too big for web uses. this is coming from a sub100 image sequence. I tried precompressing all of the images but that only dropped the file size to something around 30mb still very large and too long to load.

has anybody figured out some good rules of thumb or best practices to limit file sizes when turning them into lotties? a lot of my work involves 3d modeling and rending materials and sequences, it would be fantastic if i could make these assets interactive with users on my website rather than just presenting a few rendered images or looping video.

just as a reference, the size of each of my individual files for the sequence are around 900kb pre compression and 100kb after compression.

Yes use Flash. Seriously it had each movieclip existing on its own timeline which was superb for file sizes and vector animation. Lottie is a poor substitution IMHO. Also from Flash 7/8 it used MP4 like YouTube et all now do for raster images.

These are raster or vectors for each frame?

these were adapted from a render animation i did in keyshot, so all jpegs. i want to use lottie so i can mouse over and scroll interactions with the design. before i was just using embedded gifs or looped video, but i think it makes it far more engaging if the user can control that motion themselves. hence using lottie instead.

i saw from somebody else they recommending skipping frames, my animation is 30fps im not sure if there as automated way of doing this within after effects like skip every other frame, it sounds like it would reduce my file size by half

Did you ever resolve this? i’m having the same issues. I’ve used TinyPNG to transcode down to 23mb for 150 frames, but saving via lottie creates a 160mb file.

hope you can help shed some light on whats happening. thanks!