Image sequence not working in Lottie/JSON file

Whenever I export an image sequence from After Effects as a JSON file with Bodymovin the file does not come up as a Lottie file in Webflow… why is this?

I even followed the video about this that Webflow made. I can only get the Lottie files to work with strictly shape layers/vectors.

Any luck with this? I’ve tried to use a Lottie with an image in it and didn’t work. If I download the code and then edit the file structure to point at the image folder I can get it to work, but that’s annoying.

It’s odd, I tried it on another computer and it was working, but hadn’t had any luck on the previous computer… aka my solution sucks lol

could be the file is too large. anything bigger than 20mb just messes up when i try to import it as an asset. either doesnt show up or is stuck infinitely uploading