Lottie animations don't seem to be working as they should

Hi, Just trying to get the simplest thing seems a real struggle while I’m learning (great feeling when they work).

I’m trying to set what should be a simple interaction where the animations on the right are triggered one after the other when they scroll into view. I don’t know if it’s until after I set up a final url/site plan that they work each time the page loads but at the moment they work sporadically at the best. Can someone see if I’ve set them up correctly please?


One unique IX can control all your lotties, they just have to have the same class. Add a combo to them if you need to style them specifically, afterwards.


Hi Vincent - sorry I haven’t got back to you earlier, I’ve only got round to looking at your reply. Thank you so much! Your video was perfect- if I had that every time I had an issue… I wouldn’t have any issues :slight_smile:

Really appreciate your time to look at this too.