Lottie not playing on "While scrolling in view"

I must be doing something wrong, because I can’t get this (or any) Lottie animation to play “while scrolling in view.” After trying some fixes suggested in other posts here, it still won’t play. So, I’m reaching out for help.

I have set up this test page to try to troubleshoot.

• With the Lottie element placed on the page and selected, I have set it to play “While scrolling in view”
• I have set the scroll action to play the lottie
• I’ve set the starting point to have the lottie start playback at 0%, and the ending point to have the lottie at 99% playback (Because there is a blank frame at the end of the animation asset)

I followed all of the steps shown on this Webflow University video:(Animate while scrolling | Webflow University), but… the animation is still not playing.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is my public share link: