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Animate while page is scrolling lottie, many lotties

Hi there,

I am getting crazy by trying to implement some lottie animations in a webflow project. The problem is, in this link you can see it works almost perfect, so far so good. As soon as I try to add next lottie animation and div with 300 VH to enable sticky and animate while scrolling it breaks completely. Next animation is actually the same as thie first one meaning the same length etc. So I tried simply copying the section, coping lottie animations on scroll and adding - completely broken. I thought If I put a lottie in a div and say to this div 300 VH, this lottie animations and sticky behaviour should refer only to this div withing this sections and not whole page. But it seems as soon as I put other sections with div with some VH all lotties files seem to refer to whole page. And thats very annoying as I have about 10 lotties animations on this page, so adjusting them to fit to whole page: jesus. Any idea how to resolve this problem?

And sorry if this is rooky question, I started with webflow about month ago, this is my second project. And I am absolutely no coder :slight_smile:

As this is a customer project I am unfortunately not allowed to share any link ,hope my description is sufficient.

Thanks in advance.