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Lottie + AE Wiggle Effect + Bodymovin Oh my!

I have a line drawing animation that I applied a wiggle effect to in AE. Bodymovin exports the line animation perfectly, but WITHOUT the wiggle effect.

Anyone know if this is possible or maybe I’m missing some checkbox in AE or the Bodymovin export selections?


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You aren’t missing anything, Wiggle is an expression based effect and isn’t yet supported by Lottie. That’s not to say no expression are supported, but this one isn’t.

If you’re working with Lottie I recommend going as far as to follow them on Github and check the logs, issues and discussions regularly, this is the only place where you’ll get informations (and answers, if you’re lucky)…

Thanks so much @vincent Very helpful. I will carry on wiggle-less for now!

Hi @spoulos and @vincent ,
It’s also possible to convert expressions to keyframes, then export using the bodymovin plugin.
It doesn’t always work with really complex expressions, but see if it works for the wiggle expression.

In after effects:

  1. select the layer
  2. pres EE to show all expressions on that layer
  3. select each property you want to convert
  4. go to Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Convert Expressions to Keyframes

Good luck!



That is great, I’ve been meaning to check for a way to bake expressions as shapes, and here it is :—)

That is going to be very convenient, thank you.

We should find a way for all After Effects / Lottie users to gather and exchange tips.


Good to hear :+1:

I totally agree with the idea of exchanging tips and trick. There are still a lot of small issues with the Lottie integration, so a place to solve and evolve would be nice.


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Thank you :smile:

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