Simple Feature (Lottie)

2 hours passed. Why so far none of the users have yet written here about this miracle? It’s really simple news?



Not many AE users I guess.

Edit: also no official announcements on the forums or on the dashboard. At least there were none recently

Today I was getting back into using bodymovin. Then have just discovered the news about lottie. Today is good day! This is the best feature to come to webflow.

In fact, I am completely agree and too very happy to see this feature. This opens up a whole new level in creating spectacular effects on the website. Webflow team, I adore you))

It would be good news if I could install the Bodymovin plugin to AE. Gawd, I really hate Adobe. I wish this would work with Apple Motion.

Anyone else had this problem with 16.1.2 on Mac?

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Now I need to play with AE :grin:

OK, I got the thing to install. OMG what a frickin trainwreck. And I have yet to actually try it.

First, the version on the Adobe Exchange is not the most recent so you need to go to for the latest Bodymovin plugin. Then, I could not get that to properly load until I also downloaded the ZXP Installer app - Using that it finally installed.

Did I mention I hate Adobe.

Not much noise because the feature was there for a month without announcement. But wow, for a month, it made my life so much easier. No need for the copy json to github, add code, tweak it, etc…
The addition of IX2 lottie interactions blew my mind though, I don’t know if it was secretly there since the beginning but clap clap clap Webflow.

No support for motion blur with continuous rasterisation of vector graphics? They’re the two most useful features for 2d motion graphics with after effects. All the examples are fine if you want a flat look.

Yes, exciting news indeed!!! I was wondering on this forum about Bodymovin back in 2016 but it was so complicated (I have not coding talent…). But I was never able to make it work so I gave up.
I am very excited about it! Well, once the word that Bodymovin is “finally” easy to use, people in the motion graphics field are going to show more interest. I am working in the motion graphics industry and this is exciting.
That being said, I hope there will be more instruction on how to use it: I am working on an animation with typography in After Effects and I can’t figure out how to export to keep the text and put a CSS family. I have zero knowledge of CSS on how to use it. Anyone knows? Here is the window in Bodymovin that show the settings to be filled:

Anyway, thanks Webflow for bringing Bodymovin!

Adobe After Effects is a great app (I have been using it since 1996) but it’s not an easy to use it, and it can be frustrating. But with Webflow and Bodymovin it really has a lot of potential!
That being said, Adobe has been slow to keep up their pricey apps relevant compared to new ones, like DaVinci, or Sketch as examples.


Yes, AE is very capable and probably the best of Adobe. However, I’ve gotten used to Apple Motion over the last few projects and feel it is a worthy competitor. But now, with json and lottie animation, it looks like I’ll be spending more time with AE.